Nightlife at Chinatown Yangon

This is probably the most vibrant quarter in town, day and night no wonder why most nightlife venues are here but this is changing many bars, discos, nightclubs came up in recent times around the Yangon International hotel and close to Kandawgyi Lake such as JJ Entertainment, Asia Entertainment City, Power Light Entertainment and more


Walking further down at Mahabandoola Road

several side street with plenty of open air restaurants appear, the center of them is at Mahabandoola Road and 19.Street. There are dozens of them with open air BBQ and more, it looks nice a bit like Khao San Road in Bangkok since there are no nightclubs.

If you are on a nightlife tour that together with Theingyi Zay is the place to go, but one warning don’t eat anything there since the hygienic standard there is hair raising, you have a 95% chance that you are out of the picture for 2 days after you eat something there.

There are enough real restaurants in the area with good food it’s worth to risk the health just because it costs a few kyats less.

Zero Zone Entertainment  –  Power Light Entertainment  –  Chinatown  –  Ahlone Road  –  Street Food
JJ Entertainment & Asia Entertainment City  –  
Yangon Nightlife   –   Exotic Nightclub Ladies


Yangon Chinatown Nightlife
Yangon Chinatown Nightlife

Beside of the hygienic issue

at Yangon Chinatown nightlife they have fishes lying around for hours without putting them on ice and nobody know where this seafood was already laying around before. If you are getting sick ask the hotel for help, there are plenty of 24 hour clinics in this area and along the main road in downtown who know how to handle this, don’t use a hotel doctor or a bigger hospital they will milk you like a cow.

Yangon night market
Yangon night market

There are fruit markets,

supermarkets, and liquor shops some second hand markets and at real restaurants authentic Chinese dishes. This is not a thriving tourism industry such as in Bangkok’s Chinatown or KL Chinatown but it’s a good start; all this will change a lot in coming years.

Yangon Chinatown at night

Yangon is a metropolis

full of energy and has the advantage of wide boulevards with plenty of green; it’s not such a “stone desert” like Bangkok or Singapore that is one of the positive legacies of British colonial times who rebuilt the formerRangoon.

Chinatown means shopping,

trading, entertainment and a vibrant nightlife, the strange is there is not even one Chinese letter visible, when comparing this with Bangkok or KL with myriads of Chinese writing it’s somehow unusual.

Chinese people blend perfect

into this environ, actually most Myanmar ethnic groups have a Chinese origin, they all came down from southern China a few thousand years ago, that’s similar in Thailand only the south of the country is populated by people who came in from the Island World of today Indonesia, they live now in the Mergui Archipelago.

Yangon Theingyi Zay
Yangon Theingyi Zay