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Bamboo Baskets

Rattan Baskets
        Rattan Boxes Chest Cutlery Trays

 Rattan Daybeds
Bamboo Baskets Baskets Boxes Chest Cutlery Trays    Daybeds  

Rattan Dining Chairs & Sets

 Rattan Earth Collection
Rattan Lamp Bases Rattan Occasional Chairs  
Dining Chairs & Sets Earth Collection  Lamp Bases Occasional Chairs  

Rattan Office Organizers
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Rattan Sofa Sets

    Rattan Tableware , Trays





    Office Organizers   Small Furniture               Sofa Sets          Tableware , Trays

Rattan Industries

There are many types of beautiful furniture made from rattan, wicker furniture, teak furniture, rosewood, water hyacinth etc.. Here you will find a large assortment of rattan / wicker furniture, teak indoor and outdoor  furniture for factory prices and all kind of custom made furniture items. If you have some more requirements pls. contact us at the info below ,tell us what you would like and we can do it for you.

Rattan is a tough & stringy material derived from the stems of different kinds of palms. They belong to the genus of palms known as Calatnus. It is environmentally friendly & made of renewable recourses.

Rattan is strong, bends easily and last for years. It grows in abundance in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand etc.

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