Shipping & Forwarding in Myanmar

Shipping & Forwarding in Myanmar


Shipping & Forwarding in Myanmar to domestic and international destinations, to handle this it needs some real expertise since considering all the 200 year old regulations in the country concerning shipping can be a real trap to loose plenty of money. Here is some information on forwarding, transport, by train, truck, air freight, container and heavy project mover.

You will run into serious problems if you select the wrong agent for moving your goods. Before you do the container, bulk or other ask some companies to make you a quote for the project.In general use a international shipping forwarding company, they might be a little bit more expensive with their rates than but you get a real door to door service. Insist that when doing a shipping rate calculation they includes all charges except taxes naturally and have this in written form.

The reason is on this planet there are a lot of crooks who just wait to pull money from you. A typical example are exotic destinations for international destinations lets say to Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand and many other destinations. In this countries many of the freight – customs agents work together with the local authorities to extort money from you, like making  double invoicing, charge services which never happen or say they must give “tea money”.

If you are not with a international knowledgeable shipping forwarding company who has their own staff there who can handle this you will be a victim of blackmail. Maybe because once your goods arrived in the custom warehouse every day in the custom warehouse costs money – after a very short grace period – that means if you have a dispute for your shipping forwarding company you are on the loosing end.

As a matter of fact this also happens in Europe, for example it happen to me when I shipped goods from Yangon to central Europe. They will tell you the goods must be transported now from the storage after the ship unload. Now to get it onto the truck, this costs money and unless you don’t pay for this the goods wont be moved. If you tell them you paid for door to door they tell you, this is not included and so on.

Actually I have a very good experience with shipping via Scandinavia, the people are honest and very efficient. With a knowledgeable international forwarder negative experiences with Myanmar transports of anything this might not be happen,because the person lets say in Rotterdam or New York is a employee of the same company, that means they are somehow under control. A other problem is the corruption at the local side.


Domestic Truck Shipping & Forwarding

Primary goods to be transported.

Principal Exports:   Agriculture Products, Forestry, Marine Products, Manufactured’ goods i.e. garments, shoes, bags

Principal Imports:   Construction Materials, Machinery, Fabrics and  Accessories, Resins, Commodities

Main Ports:            Yangon Port

Airports:                 Yangon International Airport


As everywhere in the world primary export and import is handled by trainship  and truck via container, your shipping agent will handle this. The train and road system is very rotten, not much has been done since colonial times everything goes quite slow quite a lot of ancient regulations and a slow bureaucracy also wont speed up things. This is a old country on the way to recovery which takes at least one or two decades.