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The best place from a tourist point of view is at the Bogyoke or Scott market in Yangon. Interesting and exotic items are almost every few meters within the compound and at the roads around, actually this is the city center. But trading is done almost everywhere, people set up stall or shakes or place the items just on the pavement. There are plenty of things to buy,local made items which are often handicrafts, industrial made everyday items which are mostly coming from China including cosmetics and also  Thailand and myriads of other goods. In the halls are gold, handicraft outlets, jade, souvenir , cloth and textile, antique and dozens of jewelry stores.


This is an old fashion oriental bazaar

Just take a taxi everyone know this places, be aware that at 5 pm sharp almost all is closed and the whole is closed on Monday.

Looking for books? Probably the best book source in town is located at the YMCA building, they also have children and English language books.

The local currency is the Kyat, this is needed

for ant trade anything. It is also often used for speculation until the government stops it. Money can be changed at the Bogyoke Market, but it needs some asking around about the exchange rate since this jumps up and down every day.

Don’t listen to the guys who approach you there and wisper ..change money… don’t do it they just will cheat you, only change at a shop. If you don’t find what you want you can give it a try further south at Singapore, probably one of the best shopping  destination on this planet. If you want to buy something tell the store people the should help you to change. Ask at least 2 of them, US$ and EURO can be changed, credit cards are slowly starting to be used again, but don’t try to depend on it, one time the do, next time they wont, forget all other currency, no one wants them.

Naturally there are a couple of modern style malls around where you can buy almost all the same items as in Bangkok or Singapore, but that’s not ‘cool’ , the right place is here. There is also something at the opposite side of the road, a store around that area is usually within a very dense place squeezing out the last square meter. Two blocks to the east are plenty of pharmacies

Bogyoke Market Shopping
Bogyoke Market Yangon

busy jade store
Jade shop at Yangon city is always very busy

Shopping in the city center

the bazaar is the premier place in the country for native products, if you cant find it there you wont find it anywhere… you know .

A walk in the alleys between the halls is really exiting, its old fashion oriental as it is in Istanbul, Cairo and other places, read more.

Yangon Shopping
Ruby gold and sapphire jewelry for sale

jade bangles shop
Shop for jade bangles

You will also see a lot of guys talking in small groups, taking out  some small items from the bag or the pockets, hiding it somehow suspicious, well you don’t run into a political gathering but into a open air precious stones market.

Lots of ruby, sapphire, jade just name it are changing hands, the country is famous for the real “gold pearls” have a look, its beautiful.

One of the bigger problems is to carry this huge amounts of the local currency – kyats – around.

If one takes US$ 1000,- and this is not much for good precious stone it weight several kilo of banknotes, the result is, most of this business is done in US dollar.

jade shopping
Jade bracelets available

Buying gold pearls
Buying gold pearls big and small

Precious Stones Shop
Precious Stones Shop

precious stones
Ruby cabochons and other precious stones 

Burmese Antiques
Antiques made from wood and bronze

Myanmar art shop
Art shop at the city center

Also bank transfers came to an end since the last bank crash, its really difficult to do anything.

On top of it you also have to think about when purchasing in particular any precious stones, antiques, jewelry etc. make sure to get a orderly invoice.

If you can’t show a invoice when you leave the country you are in big trouble.

Myanmar art shopping,

you will find beautiful paintings and art, in the side alleys, very decorative in your home, do a orderly bargaining, you should get it finally for about half the asked price.

Don’t hesitate to walk on if you think the price is to high, they will either run after you for a last attempt or you will find the same items a few shops further down.

yangon jade shop

Yangon jade shopping

Yangon jade shop

Handicraft Buddha images and statues. In some antique stores you can find even bamboo slabs with old Tripitaka texts in pali.

buying marionettes
Buying marionettes is a ideal gift for the people back home. This are unique, exotic and very decorative presents.

native fabrics store
Textile shop with Indian and Chinese material


This places are real treasure drove just within walking distance of most city hotels; the gem museum needs a taxi ride.

There is a wide spectrum of items beside of famous jewelries. Great lacquer ware is worth to have a close look plus wood carved handicrafts items such as paintings and more. All options have one in common it needs plenty of cash.

If you buy something make sure you get an official invoice because otherwise trouble is looming at departure.


Yangon Shopping can be very entertaining, the main difference is, are you a local or a foreigner. For locals the main malls are interesting and countless of small stores and stalls are everywhere. From a tourist point of view there are probably only a handful of interesting places, among them the bazaar, as indicated before, the Gem museum and maybe some places with native items such as woodcarvings and of course jewelry and souvenirs, read more.

Antiques shop at Inya Lake Hotel

Antiques shopping at Inya Lake Hotel

Antiques shop at Inya Lake Hotel

Cloth Shopping

Exotic Flower Shop

Yangon Flower Shop

Yangon street food

Myanmar shopping clothing


Bagan shopping at the temples and pagodas

This is an old city and there are no bigger malls, all needed is sold in stores at various places. For a tourist the most interesting items are lacquer ware produced in “cottage industry” usually by young women, it also could be bought at Yangon.

Lacquer ware is very useful and decorative and amazing reasonable priced, especially considering the amount of time needed to produce even the smallest item, read more.


Mandalay shoppingsearch for local handicrafts

The biggest place is Zegyo Market in the city center, this is the most diverse mall in the city. If buying flowers, books, computer parts, clothing and whatever its there. Naturally there are other around but non have such an amount of divers goods available, its a big mall with hundreds of shops and services. Around the main building are dozens of other outlets. There are many more markets in different parts of the city and a very interesting is close to the Mahamuni Temple were most handicraft workshops are located.

What you will find at this markets: handicrafts, furniture, jade, marionettes, gold products, silver products, iron, bronze, brass casting, copper casting products, tapestry, exotic wood, relief, stucco, turnery; drawing, painting ,art ,silk, products.


Jewelry Shopping

Plus shopping for garment, sculpting, stone, marble, lapidary work, tapestries, wood carving, sandal wood products, textile, mother of pearl, tribal art, and jewelry. Also silverware, paintings, antiques, ivory, pearls, gem painting, puppets and other are items to bring home from a Burma trip,

All kind of antiques, real old stuff, but be careful let them issue a official invoice if you buy anything otherwise you get problems at the airport at departure, that’s the same with all kind of valuable items.

myanmar shopping lacquer vase

myanmar shopping lacquer elephant
Myanmar shopping for arts & craft including lacquer
items which are real unique and are very decorative.


Native shopping items

myanmar shopping woodcarving elephant
Woodcarving elephant

myanmar shopping woodcarving figure
Woodcarving figurines

Furniture, rattan, wicker, teak wood.