Mingalaba - this Myanmar friendly welcome is genuine and the country's cultural heritage is of a unique blend. Myanmar is a land of ancient glory and great natural beauty.

Decades of social and economic isolation have preserved many of the traditional features, physical and cultural, which have been lost in other Asian countries.

Myanmar is one of the safest countries in the world for any foreign visitor to travel in. You are invited to feel the fresh clean air and green environment while touching the hearts of the modest people who are amongst the most hospitable in the world. Soon after you set foot on this land, you will forget the hassle and bustle of your modern daily life. Some of your worldly concerns will slip away and you can be assured to get the holiday you deserve.

Due to the country's rich geophysical and ethnic diversity, as well as the captivating friendliness of its populace, we believe that the influx of foreign travelers, many of whom are in search of new and exotic destinations, will increase considerably over the next few years. Your coming to Myanmar will help the economy and ensure work to a large pool of talented young people. 

Early civilization in Myanmar dates back to the fifth century and reached its peak of power and creativity from the 11th to the 15th century. The country is blessed by a great physical diversity of nature, with scenery varying from the vast central agricultural plains to snow-capped mountains in the far north. The Shan state features cool and verdant hills, while the long coastline offers endless golden beaches still to be opened up for tourism. From north to south flows the majestic Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy), one of the world's greatest rivers and a source of agricultural wealth to millions. Potentially, Myanmar is one of the region's richest economies with all types of natural resources.

Efforts are being made to improve, sustain and manage the current tourism environment to ensure that not only the culture, but also various adventure travel and eco-tourism destinations within the country are adequately promoted as well as preserved.

Get focused on Myanmar now!