Weather In Myanmar

Weather in Myanmar, it’s hot, dry & wet

is generally hot all year round with the rainy season lasting from May until October. The best time to travel is from November to April. In November it’s still possible to experience some rain shower and in April it gets real hot.

The best time of the year to visit is November – December because at that time the land is still full of green from the monsoon flood. In particular Bagan get very dusty after about January since the whole Bagan area is very sandy.

Bagan is in the dry zone

The country is situated in a tropical location, bordering the Gulf of Bengal and the Andaman Sea -both part of the Indian Ocean- on the west side.

If you want to hang around on beaches the dry season is the best time. At monsoon times from May to October almost all facilities and hotels at the waterfronts are closed since the weather gets real rough.

The area from Myeik or Mergui towards Kawthaung in the very south receives plenty of rain from the clouds moving in from the Indian Ocean this makes it one of the wettest places on earth. People could sing “it always rains in south Myanmar”.

Weather Myanmar Gulf of Bengal
Gulf of Bengal
Weather Myanmar Andaman Sea Beach
Andaman Sea Beach
Weather Myanmar Himalaya Mountain
Weather in the Himalaya Mountain

In the interior are the Himalaya mountains to the north and the Shan plateau in the north east.

In the Myanmar Himalaya snow is all year round above about 3000 m height and coniferous forests plus a lush tropical vegetation below.

This area is not developed for tourism, only a few adventure trekking tours are offered.

In the higher regions a warm temperate climate making it a popular for visiting from people who are sick of the snow and rain of the winter and autumn in Europe and North America.

Weather Myanmar Bagan Dry Zone
Bagan and the Dry Zone
Weather Myanmar Dry Zone
People in the dry zone


The weather pattern would support more adventure tours, like river rafting and mountain climbing but there is no infrastructure to support this.

On the interior Shan plateau the altitude is always around 1000 m, that – keeps the summer temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius. In winter, night temperatures can drop to about 10 degree Celsius, on the Shan plateau is Inle Lake.

Scuba diving is best from November to April that’s the off monsoon weather period. Scuba diving is mainly offered out of Phuket Thailand into the Andaman Sea by live aboard diving tours with midrange yachts.

Weather Myanmar Himalaya Mountain River
Himalaya Mountain River
Weather Myanmar Shan Plateau
Shan Plateau
Weather Myanmar Novices Shan Plateau Monsoon
Shan Plateau Monsoon

Weather Myanmar Himalaya Trekking
Northern mountain trekking
Weather Myanmar Inle Lake Shan Plateau
Inle Lake Shan Plateau
Weather Myanmar Andaman Sea
Andaman Sea


A very special weather situation is during monsoon.

The monsoon weather situation happens from about June to October and brings great problems, flooding, hurricane, thunderstorm and other. Monsoon time is a real difficult situation.


Weather Myanmar Monsoon
Myanmar Monsoon
Weather Myanmar Monsoon and Buffalos
Monsoon and Buffalos
Weather Myanmar Monsoon and CowsWeather Myanmar Monsoon Girl and FlowerWeather Myanmar Monsoon and the River
Monsoon, cows                                                                     girl and flower            

– Pictures on Myanmar after the Cyclone.

Burma Cyclone Myanmar a present from the King of Thailand
A donation from the King of Thailand

Myanmar Cyclone new 3/Burma Cyclone Myanmar loading relief goods
Loading relief goods

Burma Cyclone Myanmar relief goods landed at Yangon

Relief goods landed at Yangon

Burma Cyclone Myanmar loading relief supply
Loading relief supply

Burma Cyclone Myanmar help from USA get ready
Help from USA get ready

Burma Cyclone Myanmar unloading aircraft at Yangon Airport
Unloading aircraft at Yangon Airport

Burma Cyclone Myanmar water purification equipment
Water purification equipment

Burma Cyclone Myanmar relief coming
Relief coming

Burma Cyclone Myanmar help from China
Help from China

Burma Cyclone Myanmar food distribution
Food distribution

Burma Cyclone Myanmar homeless mother and baby
Homeless mother and baby

Burma Cyclone Myanmar Buddha and Destruction
Buddha and Destruction


Weather Myanmar Cyclone Nagis
Cyclone shelter

Burma Cyclone Myanmar emergency food distribution
Emergency food distribution

Burma Cyclone Myanmar rice distribution
Rice distribution

Burma Cyclone Myanmar food distribution 1
Food distribution

Burma Cyclone Myanmar food distribution 2
Myanmar food distribution

Burma Cyclone Myanmar something to eat

Something to eat

Burma Cyclone Myanmar waiting for water
Waiting for water

Burma Cyclone Myanmar mother and child
Mother and child

Burma Cyclone Myanmar hungry people
Hungry people

Burma Cyclone Myanmar refuge in the monastery
Refuge in the monastery

Burma Cyclone Myanmar prayer in Singapore
Prayer in Singapore

Burma Cyclone Myanmar the funeral
The funeral


After the Cyclone in Myanmar or Burma

A tropical storm -Cyclone Nargis-  with up to 220-km-per-hour gusts(120-mph) crashed into the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy delta area between Yangon / Rangoon and Bassein / Pathein and other places in Myanmar early Saturday May 3. , tearing off roofs, uprooting trees and knocking out the remaining electricity, actually in Yangon there is no electricity most of the time anyway.

The cyclones direction was into Bangladesh on Friday, but changed the path  into Myanmar instead.

In the Towns of Laputta, Kyaik Lat and many other in the Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwady -Delta 70% of buildings have been destroyed. Current figures are about 1 million homeless. Newest UN estimates are about 100.000 dead, the number are rising by the hour.

Weather in Yangon after Cyclone Nagis
After Cyclone Nagis

Weather in Yangon after Cyclone Nagis
After Cyclone Nagis in Yangon


The cyclone brought down water, electricity, telephone and internet. 4 ships sunk in Yangon harbor and 57 ships sunk in the area in total, Yangon airport have been closed down, is up again now, aircraft had to use Mandalay airport. Food prices are rising fast due to hording

Cyclone Myanmar 1

Cyclone Myanmar 2

Destroying paddy field in the delta region and in Mon State. The government is distributing basic food aid to the people, shelters have been opened.

Cyclone Myanmar 4

Weather Myanmar

Weather Myanmar after Cyclone Nagis at Irrawaddy Delta

Cyclone Nagis in Irrawaddy Delta

Weather Myanmar Cyclone
Disaster in the Irrawaddy delta

Burma Cyclone Myanmar heavy equipment the elephant
Heavy equipment the elephant

Burma Cyclone Myanmar after the disaster in the Irrawaddy delta
After the disaster in the Irrawaddy delta

Myanmar Cyclone Cloud Picture from Space

Myanmar Cyclone Pagoda

Myanmar Cyclone Monks

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon searching for water

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon Destroyed House

Myanmar Cyclone Picture/Myanmar Cyclone Yangon temple as shelter

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon carry victim to the hospital

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon emergency relief distribution

Myanmar Cyclone Aerial photo before after
Cyclone Aerial photo before after

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon destroyed school

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon damaged shrine

Myanmar Cyclone Picture/Myanmar Cyclone Yangon roadside homeless living

Myanmar Cyclone Aerial photo irrawaddy delta

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon roofless houses

Weather Myanmar Cyclone

Myanmar Cyclone Military at rescue mission

Weather Myanmar Cyclone Military at rescue work

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon cueing for water

Myanmar Cyclone Military and victims

Myanmar Cyclone Yangon aerial photo

Myanmar Cyclone Aerial photo irrawaddy delta flooded

Myanmar Weather in Yangon

Myanmar Cyclone loading the rescue aircraft in Bangkok Thailand

Myanmar Cyclone unloading the Thai rescue aircraft in Yagon

Weather Myanmar Cyclone Yangon

Weather Myanmar Cyclone

Myanmar Cyclone flooded village in the irrawaddy delta

Burma Cyclone Myanmar no electricity

Myanmar Cyclone disaster everywhere

Cyclone Myanmar the worst become true

Cyclone Myanmar Yangon People

Weather Myanmar after the disaster

Burma Cyclone Myanmar Shelter

Burma Cyclone Myanmar wash saloon on the river banks
Weather Myanmar after the cyclone

Burma Cyclone Myanmar total distruction
total destruction

Weather Myanmar total disaster
and disaster