Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo, Cane and Water Hyacinth Furniture

Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo, Cane and
Water Hyacinth Furniture


There are many types of beautiful rattan wicker  bamboo water hyacinth furniture from Myanmar Burma

furniture, mainly rattan / wicker furniture, teak furniture, rosewood / padauk furniture ( a very durable hardwood ), water hyacinth etc..

Here you will find a large assortment of rattan / wicker furniture, teak indoor and outdoor  furniture for factory prices and all kind of custom made furniture items. If you have some more requirements pls. contact us for Myanmar Burma Birma rattan at the info below ,tell us what you would like and we can do it for you.

Rattan from Myanmar, Burma, Birma is a tough & stringy material derived from the stems of different kinds of palms. They belong to the genus of palms known as Calatnus. It is environmentally friendly & made of renewable recourses.

Rattan Myanmar, Burma, Birma is strong, bends easily and last for years. It grows in abundance in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Philippines & Myanmar, Burma, Birma.

In Myanmar Burma Birma several varieties of rattan are available

the most common species used in rattan furniture and rattan baskets are:

• Kabaimg: Similar to Manau Cane and used in making furniture frames.

• Yamatha: Similar to Kabaung but available in smaller diameter 10-12 mm, used for in-betwee support & in Core manufacturing.

• Water Cane: Similar to Loonty & used for manufacturing Skin & Core. The smaller sizes are also used in weaving baskets.

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• Egg Cane: Similar to Pulut & available in sizes of 3-15 mm. The smaller sizes arc weaved into furniture and skin and core are derived from the bi~er size. The skin is fine, smooth & strong. It also has a uniform creamy white colour.

• Kyen Pan: A light brownish colored cane similar to Sen, amboo and used in flitniture frame. The difference between the two is that Kyen Pan can be barked, knots are even and not deep rooted.

• Red Cane: A reddish cane, as it name implies, available in smaller diameters of 3-5mm and is used in weaving baskets and manufacturing of rattan skin.

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Rattan wicker teak bamboo water hyacinth furniture from myanmar burma birma furniture is a good buy.