Yangon International Airport

Yangon Airport International

Arriving probably via a flight from Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. First you will be carried to the new terminal either by a bus or unloaded via a tube, this is a pretty new building without bell and whistles but all the environment needed in the 21. century, plus a local touch in form of huge mural or wall paintings of typical local scenes. This is one of the two cities where international airlines are landing, the other is Mandalay.

Arrival procedure at immigration

is done quick, much quicker than at any US or UK airport on an international arrival, only to get the luggage out to the conveyer belt is very time consuming since they let every piece of luggage through the x-ray machine and it looks like there is only minimal capacity.

Walk through the red or green channel, usually the airport custom people are very friendly Once you have your belongings just head to the exit, and if having not more than one hand luggage plus one more piece of other luggage they “wink” you through.

People are very helpful – also the guys in uniform – and never do anything negative to a foreigner if the person just behaves normal like elsewhere.

You wont be held up very much while waiting to pass through. Just be nice to the officials and they be nice to you.


and this is at Mingaladon, about 16 km north of the center, there are two international Airports, the other is in Mandalay but most passengers come via Bangkok.


Yangon international airport
Typical Myanmar domestic airline are Air Bagan and Yangon Airways here is a flight routing of Yangon Airways.

Yangon Airways Domestic Routing

Yangon Airways Domestic Routing

Check In
Myanmar airports check in.
Bangkok to Yangon.

Domestic flights are handled in the old terminal about 100m to the north. The new one pictured here, is in operation since May 2007 and handles international flights only. About 2.7 million passengers a year could be handled. Four domestic and about 15 international airlines operate here.

Domestic airlines:

Air Bagan – flying to Bagan, Dawei, Heho, Kaw Thaung, Kalaymyo, Kyaing Tong, Lashio, Mergui, Mandalay, Myitkyina, Naypyidaw, Pathein, Putao, Sittwe, Tachilek, Thandwe

Air Mandalay – flying to Bagan, Heho, Kyaing Tong, Mandalay, Naypyidaw, Sittwe, Tachileik, Thandwe

Myanma Airways flying to Dawei, Heho, Kawthaung, Kyaukphyu, Loikaw, Mandalay, Mawlamyaing, Myeik, Bagan, Sittwe, Thandwe

Yangon Airways flying to Heho, Kawthaung, Mandalay, Bagan, Thandwe

International Airlines operating:

Air Asia (Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi)
Air India (Delhi)
Indian Airlines (Kolkata)
Air China (Beijing, Kunming)
Bangkok Airways (Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi)
China Southern Airlines (Guangzhou)
Druk Air (Bhutan)
Hong Kong Express Airways (Hong Kong)
Jetstar Asia (Singapore)
Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur)
Mandarin Airlines (Taipei-Taiwan)
Myanmar Airways International MIA (Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Kuala Lumpur)
Silk Air (Singapore)
Thai Airways International (Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi).
Yangon International Airport, Yangon Airport, Bangkok to Yangon.


Arrival to Myanmar



Yangon airport arrival from Bangkok

Outside the hall are some counters for taxi and limousine. If you want to get to downtown in a good car take one of the limousines, it’s around $ 10,- one way to the city center. If you want to have it cheaper to your hotel you could use one of the airport taxis waiting just outside the compound on the main road. This taxis take about $ 5,- -negotiate- for the trip to down town but they usually are really rotten, moving junk and also have no aircon.

arrival bus

Airport Arrival bus and tube

Amazingly all this is better organized as in many other Asian countries, all together the new airport functions quite ok. If you fly out to a other local destination you must use the domestic terminal which is about 100 meters to the north.Use Yangon airways, they fly to all mayor destinations. Other destinations are served by Bagan Airlines and Myanma Airways, this is the government owned domestic airline.The airport is getting more busy by the day, new companies, in particular from China are opening new flights.

Flights Bangkok to Yangon

Flights Bangkok to Yangon are many every day.


Most international flights are operated with Airbus 310 and 320.This business is currently (2013) experiencing a real boom and on any trip you will see that the country is rather Indian oriented and quite different from other south east Asian cities, this is a legacy of British colonial times.If you travel there is no way around to have a excellent travel insurance. It is not because of any particular problem but accidents can happen everywhere and here most environment is very rotten this produce a higher risk.A example what happen to me. I walked on a piece of wood from the beach to a boat this wooden board looked very solid but when I was about half way through it just broke, I fell about half meter down, nothing serious

Yangon International Airport Arrival

Yangon Arrival by Air Asia

aircraft departure

Aircraft departure by MIA

Arrival Hall

Arrival Hall to immigration see the clip below

happen, but it gave me pain for about 3 days. But one thing is for sure, here they are more civilized than in Switzerland, why? because the Swiss let you die in the ditch if you are a foreigner and wont hand over money first in case of an accident, but they are the home of the red cross and the red cross run around with the open hand and ask for donation. But if a foreigner has a problem in e.g. Geneva, that’s the place where their headquarter is they virtually tell them get lost because you are a foreigner it happen to me in the Hospital Cantonal in Geneva.No one of this mentally corrupt people who funnel 5 digit $ salaries into their pockets paid by donations will help a foreigner !! No excuse by any means is accepted, I lived in Geneva for 3 years and this happen to me 2 times.

If you have a health problem

during travel because of an accident or whatever the hospital environment might be not as expected and here cash -$- is requested afterwards ! they wont take your medical insurance for payment later as they do in Thailand because the US and EU embargo (still in place) doesn’t allow money transfer in or out.

There are some good clinics and hospitals, the most modern is Pun Hlaing Hospital a little bit outside the city, to the north, a other is Bahosi in the city center. Bahosi is quite ok for minor accidents, they speak English, don’t go to a state hospital they are on a very poor material level.

huge wall paintings

Wall paintings at
Yangon international airport.

check in

Bangkok to Yangon check in hall and counter


It is easy to slip somewhere because of this notorious slippers which are not good at all in a rather dirty street environment.The guys spit the betel onto the street, they never look, sometimes someone nearby gets this stuff onto the feet, although betel spiting is forbidden, nobody cares, this is not so at the airport, that’s really clean. When there are some Chinese, Japanese or Koreans in the same flight, they try to push their way through just to be in front at the immigration counter, they even run. After they stay 30 minutes at the conveyor belt and wait, so what?


Waiting at immigration, it works quite fast.

Departure Lounge

Yangon airport departure lounge

Something interesting is happening in the morning, the newest MIG 29 aircrafts of the Air Force are starting on their missions to somewhere or just on a training flight. Basically the Air Force is depending on old MIG 21 junk, but recent years some MIG 29 have been added.The Russians do some business here as do the Chinese, because of the political situation this is one of the very few countries they can sell their inferior military junk. Nobody, beside of political consideration will ever buy this Russian junk.

The other day when I waited for a flight to Bangkok

a group of Russians where sending one of them home. They were all drunk from vodka hidden in some bottles in a brown shopping bag. The poured the stuff into tea cups, ID card hanging around their neck, it tells a lot about this people from Moscow.

If you don’t know which hotel to go after arriving tell the taxi driver to drive to the Asia Plaza Hotel in the city center, they are not the best but have everything needed price is around $ 55,-, want to have it cheaper? Try the Queens Park hotel, the rooms are not good and always something is broken but for one or two days it could be ok.


Kandawgyi Hotel Yangon

Kandawgyi Hotel Yangon, Yangon taxis airport.

Hotels prices are in general in this range.

If you have more to spend try the Palace Hotel on the Kandawgyi or Royal Lake, its owned and managed by a local company. This is the best hotel in the city for about $ 2xx.- and has a real great location, another very good one is the Trader Hotel in the center  There are several other in the upper price region and lower regions. A good alternative could be to take accommodations in one of the small family run guesthouses which are on various parts of the

city,  usually below $ 30,- per night and quite ok. A typical area where they are is Windermere, this is north of the Shwedagon, on the other hand, its very difficult to get a taxi there. Also apartments are available at the high end such as Sakura, MiCasa and other.